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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Diy Barbie Bed

My girls and I really enjoyed making this little bed for their doll house, it went together really quickly and  Is it just me or is it stinkin adorable!?!!  

I love the way it turned out and we made it in about 15 min.

Barbie really likes the way it turned out too... she's such a pampered princess!

 We went around the whole thing with a bit of tape to finish it off and cover all the cardboard and loose ends.

                                                         Blurry picture of the stuffing

 And a pink pillow to match...I think I need to makeover my poor little bedroom next...probably not with zebra print though!

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Click on read more for the tutorial

Cover four pencils with your fancy duct tape.  Cut out headboard and foot board out of a cereal box and cover.

Cut our a piece of fabric about 1" bigger than your rice box or cereal box and tape it down along three edges.  Stuff with stuffing and tape the fourth side down.

Tape your pencils onto the sides and cover all the ugliness with one strip of duct tape all the way around.

That's it you're done with you're awesome zebra print barbie go have some fun with your little girls.

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