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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Camping Quiet Book Pages

 I am happy to report the camping quiet book page is finally complete!  These little buggers take a lot longer than one would think. I think for the next couple pages I'm going to keep it really simple...whew this thing took FOREVER!!

But I will say the second my little boy is about to have a tantrum in the middle of church, this little puppy comes in really handy especially this page that has a million little things to catch fish, build a fire, hang clothes on the line and I even made a fancy little camper guy that we lovingly named Cleetis (the name suits him rather well) that they can play with.  And you can get pretty creative too... like cooking fish over the fire or shoving the clothes in the tent or the laundry into the fish basket or having the farm animals from the other page come visit...


These really are a lot of work but also very rewarding to put together.  I can still remember playing with the one my Mom made for me and my siblings and have very fond memories of playing with it during those long church meetings. It really has been a lifesaver!  Sadly I don't have a tutorial to go along with this post but I hope you got some ideas at least.
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