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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Farmer's Market

Getting ready to sell at a Farmer's Market is a lot of work and we didn't even have that much stuff! 
                                      I made a couple more pairs of shoes

 Black shoes with red sole and bows

I came up with some last minute packaging for my shoes
(baggies and scrapbook paper)

Pioneer girls excited and ready to go

All set up and waiting for customers to come, the girls sold jam, brownies and water and almost every penny they earned they spent at another booth.

Who could resist buying something from these two!? 

All my shoes and flower clips.

My wreath on display looking rather see through and less than full.

 My wreath after adding some local shrubbery!  Shhhh no one noticed because I sent my girls to pick it.  Doesn't it look better?

Vintage windows and Mac's picnic tables

Some children were quite helpful with the packing up, others not so much!

It will probably be a while before she comes to the Farmer's Market she was a little burned out and I was too.
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