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Thursday, February 27, 2014

My sister and I were browsing around Hobby Lobby (love that store) and I found this little yellow bird..she had to be mine. 

I have been wanting to recover the pillows on my couches for quite some time but haven't gotten around to it.  They have definitely seen better days and my living room could use a little pop of color on those brown couches.

I went with a green/blue color for the big pillows and yellow to match the bird for the smaller pillows.  I was going to make some yellow pillows but came across these already made, right color, great price and pattern and couldn't pass them up.

This pleated pillow does take some time but is very simple...just sewing straight line after straight line.  I am loving how it looks all put together, we'll see how it holds up with the abuse we give it.

 My husband just finished making this Swedish table for me, if I could ever decide what color to paint it I would post it..I'm thinking a nice light blue like the pillows or off white...

You can find the tutorial for the pleated pillow here.

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