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Monday, November 5, 2012

Make Your Own Child Size Football Helmet

Do you want to make your little boy's day?!  I have just the ticket...what little boy doesn't want a football helmet made just for them and just the right size?  They can even help you make it, that might be the funnest part. 

He felt so cool sporting his new football helmet, we may have a future football player on our hands.

Suddenly he became Mr. Cool tough guy
 If you are interested in making one click on read more.

What you will need:

elmer's glue
hot glue

 Blow up a full size balloon to about the same size as your little boy's head maybe a little bigger, you may want to measure, mine was a little on the large side.  Prop your balloon up onto the bowl.

Tear up paper into manageable sized pieces, dip in elmers and smooth onto balloon until the upper half is covered.  I did this twice and then again with gift paper tissue to really smooth it out.  Be liberal with the glue, it makes it stronger.

Mark your helmet shape and cut with scissors.
Spray paint and add whatever markings you fancy...maybe you could copy a favorite team's helmet.  And for the face mask I used a couple straws from the gas station and hot glued them on. 
Was this messy?- yes
Did this take a while?-yes
Was this worth it?-

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