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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quick and Healthy Dinner/Slow Cooker Mexican Haystacks

I have been keeping pretty busy lately with my usual Mommy stuff...dishes, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, etc. you know the drill!  My little girl has been in preschool the last couple months only for a couple of hours a day, so it has been a lot of running for us.

This was my first experience with preschool, my little girl loved it!  She learned a lot and so did don't turn around in the driver's seat while parked to give something to your child and accidentally honk the horn with your butt...yes there were other parents in the parking lot that looked over to see who was honking the horn...I just avoided eye contact sheepishly!  Number two, don't chuckle and make a comment to another parent as your child walks to the wrong vehicle, cause maybe you're walking to the wrong vehicle!

We are all done now and excited for some summer fun!

With the busy schedule that summertime/motherhood brings I thought it would be helpful to compile a quick and healthy dinner list. We made this last night and it was a hit, of course you can change it around to your liking.

You can find the recipe at , we just changed it up a little by trading the olives for avocados and cooked our chicken in a pan cause sometimes I don't plan ahead...but it was still delish!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beaded Baby Bracelet Tutorial/Sizing Chart

With brand new identical twins I thought personalized bracelets might come in handy, especially in the beginning when you still can't tell which one is which.  My brother said he couldn't tell who was who, so  he was just going to mark them with sharpie marker...that might work for boys but we girls are a little more sophisticated than that!

And if you're in need of  a matching beaded binky clip check out my last post here.

I have had this sizing chart hanging around for a while, I don't know where I found it but the sizes seem to be right on.  This comes in handy if you're making them as a gift and don't have the child with you.

Sizing Guide
Infant 0-3 mos.- 4"
3-12  mos.- 4 1/2"
Toddler 1-4 yrs.-5"
Child 4-8 yrs.-5 1/2"
Child 9-13 yrs.- 6 1/2"


You will need:
Wire cutters
Needle Nose Pliers
3mm. Wire
Beads of various sizes
Crimping Beads
Start by cutting off the right amount of wire add an extra 3" just to be safe,  I use 3mm wire.   Now thread on your crimping bead and one end of your clasp.

Run the wire back down through the crimping bead

Push the crimping bead up snug to the clasp and crimp it down with the needle nose pliers.

Thread on beads in whatever pattern you please or have your little girl pick the pattern cause she's better at it.

Finish the same way you started by threading on a crimping bead and the other end of your clasp and feed the wire back down through the crimping bead and down through a few of the beads making it nice and snug. Crimp down your crimping bead and trim off excess wire as close as you can to the beads so the wire doesn't poke out.

That's it!

You can add a little ribbon, throw them in a little satchel and they're ready to be gifted.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beaded Binky Clip Tutorial

Let me just start by saying crafting for twin baby girls has been so much fun.  I am a bit of a girly girl...I like all shades of pink, little girl dresses, when you take all of that and times it by two it's just over the top cute!

 You will need 

seed beads
.45 mm or 3 mm wire
crimping beads
beads of various sizes
lobster clasp and jump ring(if attaching to a newborn binky)
wire cutters 
needle nose pliers 

Start by cutting two feet of your wire then string on about 12-15 seed beads(the tiny ones)

Don't forget to thread on your clip like I did in this image. Now thread both ends of your wire into a crimping bead.

Cinch it up tight and crimp your crimping bead down flat with the needle nose pliers.

Figure out what arrangement of beads you like and start threading them on to both wires.

Once you get it to the length you like thread a crimping bead and a jump ring onto one of the wires.

Now thread your wire back down through your crimping bead and into your other beads as far as you can, making sure it is nice and snug but leaving enough room for your jump ring to have some wiggle room. 

Now trim this extra wire that is hanging out as close as you can to the bead so it won't poke out.

 After you trim your excess wire that didn't get fed back through the beads you should have something that looks similar to this.

 Now thread about 15 to 20 seed beads onto the other wire and end with a crimping bead and lobster clasp.  Now thread the wire back down through the crimping bead and through the other beads like you did before.  Crimp the crimping bead down with needle nose pliers and trim excess wire and you're done!

Enjoy your new binky clip!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fancy Cardboard House

The weather this spring has been less than has been pretty awful!  My kids and I needed some inside stuff to keep us busy while the wind was blowing 100 miles an hour for about 3 weeks argh.
We recently bought a new stove and used the huge box to make a cardboard house which the kids really enjoyed. When I stumbled upon A Girl And A Glue Guns post about painting a cardboard house and making it stinkin cute...I first thought who would spend that much time on a cardboard house?  Then I saw the bucket of yellow paint we never used and our little plain cardboard house already I guess I am someone who would spend that much time on a cardboard house!

We added some cardboard shingles and painted them pink

The kids had fun helping me paint cereal boxes for window boxes

And we used a hot chocolate box for a mail box

We just trimmed them down to the size we wanted and painted away

More cardboard for paned windows and baby blue shutters

I think the kids favorite part was filling the window boxes up with Popsicle stick flowers.

And of course every house needs a mailbox especially a pink polka dot mailbox

Peek a boo door with pink trim

This was a really fun project for the kids and I to do together and great for those really hot days to keep the sun off their little faces a bit.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Simple Homemade Present For Dad

My husband celebrated his Birthday this week, we won't get into details, just know that I am four years younger, at his age Birthdays are becoming less fun! 
 (now he sounds really old)

I wanted the kids to each make something for him, in my search for ideas I stumbled across this idea...

  You might have to take a twist on this for the classroom, but the idea of writing down things "all about my daddy" and putting them over a picture is really cute. Maybe the picture could be a drawing of them with their dad and the list of things pasted around instead of printed on top. Let us know if/how you use it!               

This was a winner in my opinion so we asked all the questions and ours turned out like this.
I had a hard time putting words over their faces so I left some space in between. 
This would make a great gift for Father's day or you could change it up a bit and make it for Grandpa, Grandma or Mom.  The answers little ones come up with can be pretty cute and funny, we laughed a lot while asking the questions.

I made mine at


What is Dad's name?
How old is Dad?
How tall is Dad?
What color is Dad's hair?
What color are Dad's eyes?
How much does Dad weigh?
Where did you meet?
What's your favorite thing to do with Dad?
What is Dad's favorite food?
What is Dad's favorite food and drink?
What does Dad like to do for fun?
What do you love about Dad?
What's your favorite thing about Dad?
Why is Dad the best?

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