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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Neck pillow and blanket pouch

 If you're wondering why this pillow is less than perfect it's because it's stuffed with.....(scroll down)

My little girl couldn't decide if she wanted a neck pillow or a smallish pillow for the car so now she has some options, she can use the pouch as a pillow or use the blanket and neck pillow.
The back opens up so you can slip the blanket and pillow inside.

The bobble head sleeper is now the happy traveler


Draw your pattern and cut out, mine looked like this.
(Remember your pillow will be smaller than your pattern because of the seam allowance)

Pin on Fabric

Cut two
 (mine have a seam up the middle because they were to big so I trimmed them down)

 Sew right sides together using a stretchy stitch and hire a really cute kid to stuff with poly fill.

Pillow- pouch  Tutorial
I never knew making a pillow this way was sooooo easy!

Cut out a long rectangle.

 Hem both short edges

 Fold with about a 3" overlap in the middle and sew up the sides

 Turn right side out

Wasn't that easy!

 I used Cheapo dollar stored blankets for my neck pillow and case and saved an extra to use as a blanket.
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