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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chip Bag Streamers

Make your own bike streamers
and the zebra stripe bike makeover
This picture doesn't do them justice when they are out in the light all you can see is the reflection off the silver side and they look really shiny.

To make the streamers you will need:
old chip bag
phillips screw driver

Cut up both sides of chip bag, tear bottom seam of bag apart and lay both pieces out flat.  Cut into about 1/4" strips or whatever you prefer leaving  1/2" at the top.  When the strips are all cut roll the top up and shove into the hole on the bike handle (if there isn't a hole just make one with the scissors) and shove the streamers in with the screw driver.  Mine have been quite sturdy if you are worried about them falling out you could put a dab of hot glue and then put them in. 

Zebra Stripe Bike
My little girl is now using her Dad's old bike which was all black and quite boring before.  We gave it a little make over with a can of hot pink spray paint, zebra stripes(sharpie marker) and some chip bag streamers. 
 I have to say it is pretty sassy now!

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