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Friday, September 2, 2011

Kitchen Aid Bowl Barbie Cake

My oldest had a barbie cake for her birthday in January and little sister just had to have one too.  These do require some effort but it's all worth it when they pull this face.

What you need:

Kitchen aid bowl
2 cake mixes
barbie doll(with bendy knees)

Preheat oven to 350 grease with shortening and coat with flour(don't forget this step or your skirt will not come out). Follow instructions on cake mixes and add both to your greased kitchen aid bowl.  Bake for a loooong time I actually lost track but it was around an hour of baking and you know it is done when a skewer or stick of some sort comes out clean.  Let cool for 20-25 min. and dump out onto plate.  Wrap bottom of doll in saran wrap and  make sure her knees are bent and carefully cram her in.  Now you are ready for frosting,  I used a star tip for the pink on her skirt and the crescent shaped tip for the ruffles. 

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