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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beaded Binky Clip Tutorial

Let me just start by saying crafting for twin baby girls has been so much fun.  I am a bit of a girly girl...I like all shades of pink, little girl dresses, when you take all of that and times it by two it's just over the top cute!

 You will need 

seed beads
.45 mm or 3 mm wire
crimping beads
beads of various sizes
lobster clasp and jump ring(if attaching to a newborn binky)
wire cutters 
needle nose pliers 

Start by cutting two feet of your wire then string on about 12-15 seed beads(the tiny ones)

Don't forget to thread on your clip like I did in this image. Now thread both ends of your wire into a crimping bead.

Cinch it up tight and crimp your crimping bead down flat with the needle nose pliers.

Figure out what arrangement of beads you like and start threading them on to both wires.

Once you get it to the length you like thread a crimping bead and a jump ring onto one of the wires.

Now thread your wire back down through your crimping bead and into your other beads as far as you can, making sure it is nice and snug but leaving enough room for your jump ring to have some wiggle room. 

Now trim this extra wire that is hanging out as close as you can to the bead so it won't poke out.

 After you trim your excess wire that didn't get fed back through the beads you should have something that looks similar to this.

 Now thread about 15 to 20 seed beads onto the other wire and end with a crimping bead and lobster clasp.  Now thread the wire back down through the crimping bead and through the other beads like you did before.  Crimp the crimping bead down with needle nose pliers and trim excess wire and you're done!

Enjoy your new binky clip!
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