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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fancy Cardboard House

The weather this spring has been less than has been pretty awful!  My kids and I needed some inside stuff to keep us busy while the wind was blowing 100 miles an hour for about 3 weeks argh.
We recently bought a new stove and used the huge box to make a cardboard house which the kids really enjoyed. When I stumbled upon A Girl And A Glue Guns post about painting a cardboard house and making it stinkin cute...I first thought who would spend that much time on a cardboard house?  Then I saw the bucket of yellow paint we never used and our little plain cardboard house already I guess I am someone who would spend that much time on a cardboard house!

We added some cardboard shingles and painted them pink

The kids had fun helping me paint cereal boxes for window boxes

And we used a hot chocolate box for a mail box

We just trimmed them down to the size we wanted and painted away

More cardboard for paned windows and baby blue shutters

I think the kids favorite part was filling the window boxes up with Popsicle stick flowers.

And of course every house needs a mailbox especially a pink polka dot mailbox

Peek a boo door with pink trim

This was a really fun project for the kids and I to do together and great for those really hot days to keep the sun off their little faces a bit.

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