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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Baby Boy Is Here!

The Crafty Couple is a little busy with a huge project we have been working on for about 10 months now.....

 I will be back in a week or so but couldn't resist sharing these adorable sandals over at they are sooo cute and don't look too difficult.

Monday, April 16, 2012

From Shirt to Skirt

Turn a Too Small Mama Shirt into a Just Right Little Girl Outfit

Cut shirt just under the neckline or however long you want it, fold under towards the inside about
1 1/2" and pin.

Sew a simple casing about a 1/2" wide, cut a strip of fabric an inch wide and long enough to tie around the waste comfortably, feed through with a safety pin.

Be sure to tie knots at the ends of the tie so they don't work their way out.

For the shirt cut strips of fabric and sew on however you prefer.

Bunch together and sew on

Mine ended up looking like a little corsage.   
And that's it, super easy and free!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Make Your Own Barbie Clothes

My little girl and I were at an antique shop the other day and came across some new home made barbie dresses for sale, they were 12.00 a piece and I thought that was a little much for that amount of we found some super fancy sparkle fabric(1/8 of a yard) and made some of our own and even had enough left over for an extra or two.

She calls this one the mermaid dress

 Party Dress

Barbie Ball Gown

Don't stress about making them perfect, Barbie just happens to be one of those people who looks good in anything... and this little girl wasn't to picky either. 
She was all smiles!

I don't have a tutorial for this one, but I will warn that sewing tiny doll clothes on the sewing machine is quite difficult(at least it was for me) so hand sewing is an option.  For the black dresses I had some stretchy black rayon and just made a simple tube that slides right on and added ruffles.  For the fluffly skirt I gathered three layers and made a casing around the top and pulled some ribbon through so it is adjustable.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

I hope all of you enjoyed your Easter Sunday, we had a great one with lots of sunshine!  My family and I made this tree during the week, my husband spray painted the branch for me and my kids helped blow out the eggs and surprisingly they loved it.

My beautiful girls

Handsome little MAN

He loved wearing the bunny ears much to my surprise!

We attached our eggs to ribbon loops with hot glue and added a little bow.

We whipped out the glitter glue to decorate the eggs I had way too much fun and would highly recommend. 

I found this pretty little pot at Ikea and filled it with marbles to hold up the branch...I just happened to have some marbles on hand but you could use whatever you have to weight it, plaster of paris etc.  I covered it up with some grassy lookin stuff kind of made it look like a nest, and added some mini Cadbury eggs...can't get enough of em!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rose Lamp Makeover

This is the project that wouldn't end I felt like I was making roses for an eternity!  Now aren't you inspired to go make one for yourself?.?.?...  Really it wasn't that bad but I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and somewhat low on energy, a normal person could tackle this project easily.

Make sure you buy at least three rolls of the color that you need, I only bought one not knowing how much it would take and the exact color was discontinued ANNOYING! 

I  love the end result and it was worth all the time it took to put this one together,  yay! I got the idea for this project from Shelley at the House Of Smiths she has a great tutorial that I used for the flowers found here

Image of SPRING Decal (ornate)

Image of Bloom where you are planted

01 02