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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rose Lamp Makeover

This is the project that wouldn't end I felt like I was making roses for an eternity!  Now aren't you inspired to go make one for yourself?.?.?...  Really it wasn't that bad but I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and somewhat low on energy, a normal person could tackle this project easily.

Make sure you buy at least three rolls of the color that you need, I only bought one not knowing how much it would take and the exact color was discontinued ANNOYING! 

I  love the end result and it was worth all the time it took to put this one together,  yay! I got the idea for this project from Shelley at the House Of Smiths she has a great tutorial that I used for the flowers found here

Image of SPRING Decal (ornate)

Image of Bloom where you are planted

01 02