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Thursday, January 10, 2013

American Girl Doll Hangers

My girls each got an American Girl doll for Christmas this year and lots and lots of little outfits and dresses that I found for cheap at a craft fair.  We have had them in a pile in their room for a while now and needed a ward robe of I am turning my old armoire into a wardrobe for all their stuff. 

In order to hang up all the dresses and clothes I needed some hangers...some teeny tiny hangers!
I looked at wal mart...didn't find any and thought about looking around for some at a few other stores but my husband wasn't exactly on board for that so I gave up...and then stumbled upon a tutorial for these little gems. 

 Only problem was they used metal hooks that screw in..didn't have any and didn't want to got to town for those so I thought to myself...self where can I find some hooks of some sort?   As I was hanging up some clothes I  noticed this little hook on the hanger...perfect.

You will need extra large popcicle sticks(tongue depressors), some little hooks from your hangers, hot glue gun and some wire cutters or trimmers of some sort.

You will need three sticks for each hanger...use your trimmers to cut out the middle section of one of the pop cicle sticks.
Hot glue both pieces and your hook onto a pop cicle stick then glue another stick on top.
Now you're ready to decorate...
 We used scrap book paper for some and painted the rest...I really like the way the scrap book paper looks on them.  We used mod podge to apply it and put a coat on top to make them a little more sturdy.
Now go hang up some doll clothes with your new tiny doll size hangers...FUN!

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