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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Man Tool Belt

This little tool belt was so fun to make it went together really quickly and my little man was super excited and helped me a bunch.  I love doing something that is actually going to stay case you don't know what I'm talking about here are some examples of things that don't stay done...dishes, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, butt wiping, diaper changing...ok I'll stop now!

Of course it had to have a hammer handle...that's the best part in my little boy's opinion.

And a tape measure pocket just like Dad's

Cause this little man wants to be just like this better watch out Dad someone is paying really close attention, trust me!

And of course he feels really cool sporting his new tool belt.

Really really cool

Crazy Cool

Ok he's a pretty goofy kid...I love that about him he makes me laugh a lot.


I love my husband and the great example he is for my children,
thanks for all your hard work.

And just for fun....


First off round up some scrap material of some kind, I used some left over denim from my husbands pants he turned into shorts.  

This isn't an exact kinda deal..I just threw it together and guess what?  My 2 year old loved it!  And also I forgot to take pictures for a tutorial...shame.  

But it's so easy and cute I had to include a tutorial of some kind.

Cut two rectangles and hem the tops. 

Cut a rectangle the same width as the first two rectangles but make it shorter and hem...these will be your big pockets.  Cut a smaller rectangle for a pencil pocket and a small square for a tape measure pocket. 
(I used pieces of the pants that already had a finished edge for all of my pieces.)

Sew the short rectangle to one of the big rectangles with a straight stitch down the middle.

Now to sew on the tape measure pocket and the pencil pocket, sew down right sides together.

Fold Over the pockets and pin down.  

Pin on loop of ribbon, bias tape, scrap material...whatever you choose, this will be your hammer holder.

  Sew both rectangles right sides together along three sides leaving the top open and turn.

That's It!  

Now slide a belt through the button holes and watch your little man get to work.

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