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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rock Crafts For Kids

My kids and I have been going on walks a lot this summer, I love it because this is when we get to chat about anything and everything.  Today the conversation went a little like this:
Pipps- "Mom can we paint our house Pink?" 
 Me- "well I don't know if you're Dad and little brother would like that very much." 
Pipps- "But we could paint blue strawberries on it!" 

She is definitely a bit of a girly girl, so as we were walking we came across a very rectangular rock, a rock about the size of a cell phone soooo.....

A little glitter acryllic craft paint, and some paint markers and next thing you know you're talking on a sweet cell phone/rock.

They are really happy with this right about ten years probably not.  Dang!

 Other ideas I think look like fun are...
Alphabet rocks by I am momma hear me roar

Garden Markers

Prayer Rocks by Brown Paper Packages

So have fun painting rocks with your kids.
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