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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Laundry Room Organization

This is my attempt to keep my laundry room.....well not heaping with mountains of laundry.  If nothing else it makes me happy to look at these cute little named baskets.  It has been working like a charm with my oldest who is six, the other two not so much but someday. 

I found these baskets at walmart for $3.00 a piece, this was much better than anything else I had found so I explained the plan to my cheap very frugal husband what I had in mind and bought them.  It's hard to tell on here but the lighter portion of the tag is a really light blue to match my wall and the rest is gray, I made mine on our basic paint program and printed them out onto a heavy textured cardstock and will probably need to get them laminated before they get destroyed.  I would highly recommend this system for a laundry room, I think it is working really well and the kids can take their own baskets and put them away themselves hooray!

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