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Friday, October 28, 2011

Incredibles Costumes


The costumes are all ready to go Yay!
I love the way they turned out and my kids love them too, thank heavens.

 Finally got a normal smile out of this crazy kid

Little Violet trying to make a force field

If you're interested in making your own

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baby Dash Halloween Costume


I couldn't decide between Nacho Libre and Dash for my little boy this year and he pushed me towards Dash off of the Incredibles by running all over the house as fast as he could and yelling DASH!

 I don't know maybe he should have been a rooster! 
 (I even tried to comb it down)

 I was trying to get him to run around like Dash for these pictures, I guess he preffered to lay on the floor and pretend to hit himself with a toy hammer.

 He was actually enjoying himself doing this!

Hopefully I can get some better photos tomorrow when his sister joins him as
Violet and I'll share the tutorial for the costume then.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

From Sweater to Dress

The other day as I was shopping at Target I found the cutest sweater dresses but they were a little pricey so a few days later I came across an idea online to make them out of old sweaters....SWEET!

She Loves It! 
 So much that she slept in it the first night

This was easy and fast to make I was giddy with excitement when I finished in an hour and I think it turned out really cute. 

So....want to make one?
Read More

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Busy Bag Series-Part 7

Since this is the last day of the busy bag series  I thought I would just share a few more ideas I found on line that I want to try.

First off a bag for all the busy bags I thought this was a great way to keep them all contained and you can hang them all up. 

Family Memory

Each fish bowl tells how many or what  color of fish to put in great for number and color learning.

Coloring and Stickers

Egg Carton Color Matching
(My little girl is really excited to try this one)

Pom Pom Stuff it in

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Busy Bag Series-Part 6

I got this idea over at money saving mom, I thought my girls would love it and they do.  My six year old especially enjoyed cutting out all the shapes with me, we happened to be the only ones home so we turned on a movie and cut away.  You can find the free download for patterns and instructions here.

There are marshmallows, heart shaped cherries, sprinkles, chocolate chips and more for toppings.

 Laminated Instruction Sheet

Have fun decorating cupcakes today!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy Bag Series-Part 5

*Snowflake Shapes*
This is a fun snowy day activity that helps preschoolers learn shapes and creativity and you don't even have to get cold.  For more info. on what busy bags are and more ideas click here.

You will need:
Felt(blue and white)
shape patterns
cereal box or cardboard
gallon ziploc bag

First off you will need to cut out your shapes, I drew mine up on our paint program on our computer and printed them out.  I did 2 hexagons for snowflake centers, 6 long triangles, 6 short triangles, 6 diamonds, 6 small circles, and 6 ovals(squares would also be good to add I forgot). 

I made my felt board out of a cereal box and used hot glue to stick down the felt around the backside.

Finished Felt Board

I still have a couple of busy bags left in the series so come back tomorrow and check them out.  If you're not interested in the busy bags I will be done on wednesday and will have more crafts and recipes to share!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Busy Bag Series- Part 4

Alphabet Pages
This is #4 in the busy bag series, this one is pretty simple and could be used as a busy bag activity or could be used daily for preschool letter practice.  I found my page here, all you need is a dry erase marker and access to a laminating machine.  I would recommend printing them out on cardstock so they are a little more durable.

I'll be back monday with more ideas.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Busy Bag Series-Part 3

Clothes Line Color Matching

This is number three in the busy bag series if you don't know what a busy bag is they are gallon bags filled with different activities for preschoolers that you can grab on the go or during the winter when kids aren't outside as much these are great to keep them busy and learning.

I hot glued felt onto the clothespins so it could be a matching game.

First off cut out your clothes, you can use this pattern  or just make up your own you can also print off instructions on different activities you can do with the clothesline busy bag.

Use string, yarn anything you can find to use for a clothesline I didn't have any string on hand but I did have a long piece of ric rac so I just used that.  Tie the string between two chairs or whatever works, kids are really good at figuring this part out .
This activity is meant for preschool age and older and where there is string involved  keep an eye on them.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Busy Bag Series-Part 2

Shape Snake
This is day 2 of the busy bag series, if you don't have much time this is the project for you.  It only took me a about fifteen minutes to put this one together.  It teaches colors, shapes, pattern making and of course buttoning.

What you need:
different colors of felt
needle and thread
gallon bag

Cut out different shapes and colors of felt about 3 of the same shape and color if you want to practice pattern making. 

Cut a slit in the center of each shape just big enough the button will slip through.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 14 in" long burn or fray check each end, and sew a button on each end.

And there you have it, a shape snake that you can store away in a gallon bag for a rainy day, eventually I might print off cards with pattern ideas  for kids to copy.

I'll be back tomorrow with another busy bag idea.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Busy Bag Series-part 1

I first saw this idea a while ago and have been collecting different ideas I finally put them all together last week so I thought I would share one every day for a while.  These are gallon bags filled with different activities for preschoolers that you can grab on the go if you're headed to the doctor, a long car ride or at home.

Colonumber wheel matching game

First of all you will need a color wheel you could make your own or you can print one out here at Kinzies Kreations. Then I added some dots that I made with a hole punch and laminated it at our library.

 I printed out two so I would have the exact color to glue onto my clothes pins

And you're ready to match colors or numbers.

And then store it away in your gallon bag

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