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Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy Bag Series-Part 5

*Snowflake Shapes*
This is a fun snowy day activity that helps preschoolers learn shapes and creativity and you don't even have to get cold.  For more info. on what busy bags are and more ideas click here.

You will need:
Felt(blue and white)
shape patterns
cereal box or cardboard
gallon ziploc bag

First off you will need to cut out your shapes, I drew mine up on our paint program on our computer and printed them out.  I did 2 hexagons for snowflake centers, 6 long triangles, 6 short triangles, 6 diamonds, 6 small circles, and 6 ovals(squares would also be good to add I forgot). 

I made my felt board out of a cereal box and used hot glue to stick down the felt around the backside.

Finished Felt Board

I still have a couple of busy bags left in the series so come back tomorrow and check them out.  If you're not interested in the busy bags I will be done on wednesday and will have more crafts and recipes to share!

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