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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Busy Bag Series-Part 3

Clothes Line Color Matching

This is number three in the busy bag series if you don't know what a busy bag is they are gallon bags filled with different activities for preschoolers that you can grab on the go or during the winter when kids aren't outside as much these are great to keep them busy and learning.

I hot glued felt onto the clothespins so it could be a matching game.

First off cut out your clothes, you can use this pattern  or just make up your own you can also print off instructions on different activities you can do with the clothesline busy bag.

Use string, yarn anything you can find to use for a clothesline I didn't have any string on hand but I did have a long piece of ric rac so I just used that.  Tie the string between two chairs or whatever works, kids are really good at figuring this part out .
This activity is meant for preschool age and older and where there is string involved  keep an eye on them.

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