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Friday, October 28, 2011

Incredibles Costumes


The costumes are all ready to go Yay!
I love the way they turned out and my kids love them too, thank heavens.

 Finally got a normal smile out of this crazy kid

Little Violet trying to make a force field

If you're interested in making your own
    What you'll need:
black pair of leggings
red tights or leggings
red long sleeved shirt
orange, yellow, white and black felt
black boots

Lay out leggings on cutting board

Find a pair of underwear that fit and use them as your pattern

Cut off legs and hem openings.  For the belt I used a t shirt that I had laying around and trimmed of the bottom you can then sew this on to the top or if you're feeling lazy hot glue it on.  I sewed it for Dash and hot glued Violet's.

Save the legs you just trimmed off and trim them to the length you need to look like the top of a glove, about up the elbow.

Trim sleeves down to elbow

 Now trim down the black to the right width, remember seam allowance.

Trimmed down

Sew right sides together

Sew on to bottom of sleeves of red shirt right sides together.

Now make a piece of trim out of any black stretchy fabric you have to sew around the neck.  Cut out a strip as long as the neck hole, fold in half and sew right sides together.

I made my masks out of foam and sticky felt to make them a little more sturdy but you could use either one and it would work.  I punched holes on either side and tied elastic on.  This image isn't my mask but it's an example of the right shape.

Copy and paste the logo into word and resize it to where you like, print and use it as a pattern.

And you're set.
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