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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Simple Ruffled Lace Flower Tutorial

My little girl celebrated her eighth birthday a couple weeks ago and she ended up getting a lot of clothes from both her Grandma and I...She is growing like a little weed.  She ended up getting a lot   of clothes that were a light peachy pink color.  Of course with two little girls around we needed the perfect peachy pink flower to match.

If you're interested in making one for yourself click on read more for the tutorial.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

T-Shirt Refashion

We recentlly recieved some hand me downs from a neighbor...
I absolutely love hand -me- downs!  Some of the shirts were too long in the sleeves or too long in the body so I chopped the sleeves to the right length and had enough left over to add some embellishments. 

I added some ruffly flowers around the neckline

And some along the top edge of both pockets...I have never done this before and wondered what type of flower or ruffle to do...I would highly recommend these they are basically just circles tacked on...very easy.

Now to refashion the rest of them!

Cut a square fold in 1/4's and round the now have a circle.
Tack them down with needle and this.
I did three in the center and a couple smaller ones on either side.  Once you get them sewed down then you can kind of pull them apart and make them ruffle like you want.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let's Get Organized

Basic Steps To Organizing

Let me start with saying that I am nowhere perfect in this area but writing out some basic steps makes it a little less overwhelming for me.
Step one- Start small!  If you wake up one morning and think to yourself...I'm gonna organize every room, drawer, cupboard in my house... you're going to be completely overwhelmed.  Pick a room, drawer, cupboard for the day and start with that.  Whatever you can handle even if it's just a drawer, slowly but surely you will find you're getting a little more organized.
Step Two- Get Motivated  Do whatever it takes to get yourself started, for instance if you're organizing a playroom...find a bunch of pretty organized playrooms like these... and if that doesn't do the trick turn on an episode of hoarders, works every time!
Pinned Image

Step Three- Dejunk

 Get two garbage bags and head on into your bag will be for donations and one for garbage.  A lot of the time disorganized people just plain have way to much stuff and can't keep up with it all...REMEMBER when in doubt throw it out...


Step Four-A Place for Everything and Everything in it's Place

This is when you can implement some of your pretty ideas you found earlier...brightly colored fun bins, cubbies, bags and most importantly labels... I love labeling things it makes it fun for me and for my kids...if they don't read, label with pictures. 

Make a plan, purchase your bins and do it.

Step Five- Don't Be To Hard On Yourself  

 Remember no one is perfect...if you saw my house right now you may wonder "why is she writing this?"  Hey!...I'm organized, I'm just bad at laundry...but really I'm not bad at it I just don't like doing all! 

Organizing is the FUN part! 

You and your kids will find it so much easier to clean an organized cute room than one that's overflowing wih junk.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

American Girl Doll Hangers

My girls each got an American Girl doll for Christmas this year and lots and lots of little outfits and dresses that I found for cheap at a craft fair.  We have had them in a pile in their room for a while now and needed a ward robe of I am turning my old armoire into a wardrobe for all their stuff. 

In order to hang up all the dresses and clothes I needed some hangers...some teeny tiny hangers!
I looked at wal mart...didn't find any and thought about looking around for some at a few other stores but my husband wasn't exactly on board for that so I gave up...and then stumbled upon a tutorial for these little gems. 

 Only problem was they used metal hooks that screw in..didn't have any and didn't want to got to town for those so I thought to myself...self where can I find some hooks of some sort?   As I was hanging up some clothes I  noticed this little hook on the hanger...perfect.

You will need extra large popcicle sticks(tongue depressors), some little hooks from your hangers, hot glue gun and some wire cutters or trimmers of some sort.

You will need three sticks for each hanger...use your trimmers to cut out the middle section of one of the pop cicle sticks.
Hot glue both pieces and your hook onto a pop cicle stick then glue another stick on top.
Now you're ready to decorate...
 We used scrap book paper for some and painted the rest...I really like the way the scrap book paper looks on them.  We used mod podge to apply it and put a coat on top to make them a little more sturdy.
Now go hang up some doll clothes with your new tiny doll size hangers...FUN!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dolly and Me Aprons

Happy New Year!  It has been a whirlwind of activity around here the past few weeks...we come home long enough to shower and sleep and then we're off to the next place(both our families live within ten minutes).  Sooo you can imagine what my house looked like yesterday... it was in shambles!  We whipped it into shape and I finally found some time to post this Christmas present I made for my little dolly and her dolly.

She was so excited to find an American Girl Doll(generic version) under the tree on Christmas morning...her favorite thing to do is play house. 
She loves being all matched up with her little dolly!

I didn't use a pattern for these I just kinda threw them together...I made the little one first to work out all the kinks and it came together quite nicely.

The aprons are made out of two small and one large with rounded corners on the bottom.

These are very easy to put together and made my little girl's day...very worth the time and effort.

Can't get enough
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  I am excited to get started on my new year's resolution...getting my home organized /dejunked and cooking healthy meals for my family.  I will be doing my regular stuff...posting whatever I'm currently making.. but there will be a lot more organizing tips and healthy meal posts in 2013! 
(I figure if I write it down I'm held accountable and it's more likely to actually happen)
If you are interested in making an apron of your own here is a tutorial for a similar design.
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