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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let's Get Organized

Basic Steps To Organizing

Let me start with saying that I am nowhere perfect in this area but writing out some basic steps makes it a little less overwhelming for me.
Step one- Start small!  If you wake up one morning and think to yourself...I'm gonna organize every room, drawer, cupboard in my house... you're going to be completely overwhelmed.  Pick a room, drawer, cupboard for the day and start with that.  Whatever you can handle even if it's just a drawer, slowly but surely you will find you're getting a little more organized.
Step Two- Get Motivated  Do whatever it takes to get yourself started, for instance if you're organizing a playroom...find a bunch of pretty organized playrooms like these... and if that doesn't do the trick turn on an episode of hoarders, works every time!
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Step Three- Dejunk

 Get two garbage bags and head on into your bag will be for donations and one for garbage.  A lot of the time disorganized people just plain have way to much stuff and can't keep up with it all...REMEMBER when in doubt throw it out...


Step Four-A Place for Everything and Everything in it's Place

This is when you can implement some of your pretty ideas you found earlier...brightly colored fun bins, cubbies, bags and most importantly labels... I love labeling things it makes it fun for me and for my kids...if they don't read, label with pictures. 

Make a plan, purchase your bins and do it.

Step Five- Don't Be To Hard On Yourself  

 Remember no one is perfect...if you saw my house right now you may wonder "why is she writing this?"  Hey!...I'm organized, I'm just bad at laundry...but really I'm not bad at it I just don't like doing all! 

Organizing is the FUN part! 

You and your kids will find it so much easier to clean an organized cute room than one that's overflowing wih junk.

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