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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

T-Shirt Refashion

We recentlly recieved some hand me downs from a neighbor...
I absolutely love hand -me- downs!  Some of the shirts were too long in the sleeves or too long in the body so I chopped the sleeves to the right length and had enough left over to add some embellishments. 

I added some ruffly flowers around the neckline

And some along the top edge of both pockets...I have never done this before and wondered what type of flower or ruffle to do...I would highly recommend these they are basically just circles tacked on...very easy.

Now to refashion the rest of them!

Cut a square fold in 1/4's and round the now have a circle.
Tack them down with needle and this.
I did three in the center and a couple smaller ones on either side.  Once you get them sewed down then you can kind of pull them apart and make them ruffle like you want.

01 02