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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back To School First Aid Kit

I saw these cute little vintage looking Boo Boo Box's a while ago and thought they would be fun to make with my little girl who will be starting first grade soon and send it to school with her.  She did not like the idea of calling it a boo boo box so we changed  it to first aid kit and also changed the inside information to phone numbers she should learn and might need at school.  This way I feel a little better about sending my little girl off to school all day and so does she.

Here are my low quality pictures taken with my video camera yep I am still searching for a camera more like a great priced camera.  So just know it looks better in person.

 This picture was edited in picnik it doesn't really have a pink stripe there under her name, just don't want last names on here.

First you will need to save this image to your computer you can find it here.
I added my personal information on http://www.picknik/, googles free photo editing website.  Resize your image to 2.4" by 3.7 I did this on my Microsoft works program or just use whatever you have.  You will need to print out two of these one for the top and one for the inside.  Cut out and decoupage to your altoid tin, embellish with ribbon, glitter paint, or whatever you choose.  If you have any questions feel free to email me at craftycouple@gmail

Here's what we put in our first aid kit:

 bandaids of different sizes
antibiotic ointment with pain relief
disinfecting wiipes

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