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Monday, May 9, 2011

Turn an old purse into baby mary janes

Brown leather mary janes 

I found this pattern here.
Converted it from a strap around the ankle to a mary jane, added a bow and pearl and I love them.   Now I just need a 3-6 month old baby girl so someone can wear them.  I used the fabric from an old faux leather purse that wasn't being used anymore.  Keep your eyes peeled for old purses and you can make about 10 pairs of these. (depending on the size of the purse of course)

These are size 3-6 months you can make any size you want just measure the size of foot and make your pattern 1/4 inch bigger all the way around.

This is how you convert Martha's pattern to a mary jane

Your converted pattern should look like this
Cut two of each, pin on fabric, faux leather, denim or what ever you choose and cut out. You should now have two uppers(horseshoe shape) and two soles.

Sew back seam on the upper right sides together.  Then pin right side of upper to bottom of sole and sew.  Turn right side out, sew on strap and bow and you're done.

01 02