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Monday, January 23, 2012

Diy Heat Pad and Hand Warmers

My kids and I put these together over the weekend, we started with the heart hand warmers for my little school girl to keep in her pockets on those cold winter mornings.  And I must have football on the  brain after watching two games with my husband so I put together a heat pad for my little boy to take to bed with him.  My girls have some made out of fabric that they take to bed every night.

Written Tutorial
These are pretty self explantory and were really easy to put together, make a heart and football shape pattern on paper.  Cut four heart shapes and two football shapes, for the football you will need white markings.  Zigzag stitch your markings on to the football and zigzag your two football pieces together leaving an opening to add rice, add the rice with a funnel and zigzag the hole shut.  The hearts are done the same way except I used a straight stitch.

01 02