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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Fun and A Blogger Parade of Homes

Summer is soooo busy and soooo much fun we have been partyin it up camping in Montana, where we visited Elk Horn Hot Springs, explored the old Coolidge Ghost Town and our most favorite of all searched for Crystals at Crystal State kids and I and even my husband loved it, we were addicted!

 If you're near Dillon, Montana I would highly recommend.

Coolidge Ghost Town

We found lots and lots of crystals

The next week we were off to Naples, Florida where the water felt like a bathtub and the white sand felt like flour ooooh I was in heaven!

I have been sooo busy doing laundry from our galavanting that I have no finished projects to share, but three that are close.  So in the mean time enjoy some of these homes on the blogger home tour I stumbled upon....I love browsing other people's homes...kinda weird. 

Here is one of my favorite's from
Here is a full listing of the homes on the tour.

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