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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Peplum Shirt Refashion

 I decided to make matching peplum tops for my girls and I love the way they turned out.  The hardest part was figuring out the math..I may need a little refresher in Geometry.

Of course they love how flowy and twirly they are. This fabric was cheap, cheap so I bought the entire bolt...maybe I will need a matching flowy skirt.

 They went together really quickly after I figured out the math and the best hemming and I even got away with no ironing :)

 I couldn't find any shirts in the little girl's section that fit the bill so I found these in the women's dept. They were a little big but I figured they could wear them longer that way.  Added a couple flowers and  just a little fabric at the top to tie in the color.

 This fabric is seriously the best..I may have to make some flowers for their hair to match.  It just ruffled up all perfect and...well flower like.
If you're interested in making a peplum top click on read more for the tutorial.

Start by cutting the shirt right at the hip.  Now you have to figure out your will need to cut a donut shape out of the fabric that will be added to the bottom.  

The inner circle of the donut will need to be the same circumference as the opening of the bottom of your shirt. So measure across the bottom of your shirt, this measurement is the diameter.
  21divided by 2 =10.5 This is the radius

Mark the center of the fabric and measure the length of the radius from the center point all the way around until you make the full circle.  Now do the same from the circle (only measure the length you want your skirt to be, mine was 5") you just made until you make the outer circle and cut out.  Attach right sides together and sew.

That's it. Enjoy your new shirt or shirts!!

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