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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Simple Homemade Present For Dad

My husband celebrated his Birthday this week, we won't get into details, just know that I am four years younger, at his age Birthdays are becoming less fun! 
 (now he sounds really old)

I wanted the kids to each make something for him, in my search for ideas I stumbled across this idea...

  You might have to take a twist on this for the classroom, but the idea of writing down things "all about my daddy" and putting them over a picture is really cute. Maybe the picture could be a drawing of them with their dad and the list of things pasted around instead of printed on top. Let us know if/how you use it!               

This was a winner in my opinion so we asked all the questions and ours turned out like this.
I had a hard time putting words over their faces so I left some space in between. 
This would make a great gift for Father's day or you could change it up a bit and make it for Grandpa, Grandma or Mom.  The answers little ones come up with can be pretty cute and funny, we laughed a lot while asking the questions.

I made mine at


What is Dad's name?
How old is Dad?
How tall is Dad?
What color is Dad's hair?
What color are Dad's eyes?
How much does Dad weigh?
Where did you meet?
What's your favorite thing to do with Dad?
What is Dad's favorite food?
What is Dad's favorite food and drink?
What does Dad like to do for fun?
What do you love about Dad?
What's your favorite thing about Dad?
Why is Dad the best?

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