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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Castle Pullstring Pinata

What you need: 
1 regular size oatmeal canister
2 small sized oatmeal canisters
Pink paper (I used 18 by 12 size constuction paper it comes in 8 assorted colors, you can find it at walmart)
crepe paper streamers
princess pictures (I found mine here)
curling ribbon
tape and  hot glue
hole punch

First cover your canisters with paper I used double stick tape for this.

Next make cone shapes to fit the tops.  Need help with this there is a tutorial

Now cover your cones with crepe paper.

 I cut little sections of crepe paper

And cut slits in the edge then used a glue stick to glue them on.

You could also make some party hats.
Color and cut out your princess images and glue them on like they are looking out the castle windows I just drew arched windows around them with a marker.

Cut a half circle shape in the bottom of the big canister and punch a hole in the center of the flap, I put duct tape on the flap before I punched the hole for reinforcement.  While you have the hole punch put some holes in the side of your big canister and tie a long piece of curling ribbon to each hole this is how you will hang the pinata.   Tie some curling ribbon on the flap this will be the string that lets all the candy out.   Now tape it shut,  just so it's strong enough to hold up all the candy but not strong enough that a little kid couldn't pull it open.  Tape a bunch of other strings all around, remember don't make them to sturdy just a tiny bit of tape.

(I did a really crappy job of this so just look at the dashed line and do it like that, your candy will probably fall out a little better than ours did.  Most of ours came out then we had to shake it a little bit to get the rest out.

Fill  large canister with candy (the sides remain empty) and hot glue all of your cones on to the top of the canisters and you have an adorable little princess castle pinata.  I love the idea of the pull string because I know  no one at my party will be getting wapped in the face with a bat phew!

Have Fun!

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