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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Old Fashioned Christmas Tree

I have been wanting to do an old fashioned Christmas Tree for a while now, I have been seeing a lot of cute ideas using burlap, bakers twine, rope, sticks...what a cheap way to decorate the tree.  So today I'm just brainstorming on my blog....
Twine covered candy canes
Pinned Image
Twine covered Christmas balls
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Cinnamon applesauce ornaments, the kids are excited to make these with me.
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Pine cones and bows... simple and cute
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Old fashioned wrapping paper...cute and cheap
This would take a while but would make the tree look full and finished
And to top it all off you could make some stockings to go along with the theme.  I am in love with these... they are so pretty.
 Pinned Image
I know, I know... what happened to Thanksgiving !?  I'm definitely not skipping out on a Holiday completely devoted to being grateful for all that we are blessed with, I love that our Country has a Holiday solely focused on giving thanks.  I am grateful for family, friends, my home and my Savior and can't help but get excited about the season that is approaching.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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