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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

 I painted my awesome table my husband made for me, he worked hard on this little table and I love it! So why do I call it a Swedish table? Well let me tell Grandma's parents moved to the United States from Sweden in the early 1900's. A while back my Grandma was able to go back to Sweden to visit family.  While she was there with one of our relatives they said they had a table that her Dad made when he was young and had left behind. She was able to bring it back with her, what an awesome surprise and I know my Grandma treasured her table.  I have always admired it and so I had my husband make one for me.

 He had to cut each of these legs out and notch them in by hand.

While we were painting the table I decided this little shelf my husband made a while back could use a fresh what do  I put on it?

 The living room is coming together quite nicely.  I am going to attempt a collage on this bare wall above the couch..I don't know why it is intimidating me?! We'll see how it goes...

If you are interested in a Swedish table of your own click on read more

We purchased a table round from Home Depot for about 20.00, my husband had a few bed posts from another job and we cut one of them down to the size we wanted, I'm sure you can find these at Home Depot as well or something similar.  The legs were cut out of 1" maple, I drew up the shape I wanted and used it as a pattern.  

The legs should look this
 Notch out rectangle for legs to insert into

 Circular inset for post to fit into

Fasten table round onto this top for added stablility

This is the round we found at Home Depot

So you kinda get an idea of how it goes together.


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