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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Ballerina Bag

 Spring is officially here at our house and yesterday felt like summer. We were outside all day soaking it up.  The kids managed to bake cookies,  sell all of them on the side of the rode along with bottled water, jump on trampoline with sprinkler underneath, go on a bike ride, play baseball, catch bugs and butterflies...I love summer! the ballerina bag, yeah it's a bag with chubby baby ballerinas all over it and it looks like a sparkly big deal. 

 My mother in law was downsizing her fabric stash and gave me a bunch of adorable prints like this one. Since it was a ballerina bag I thought one layer of ruffle would be easy and would look like a ballerina tutu.

 Aren't they precious? You can't tell in the picture but their little tutus are sparkly too.

 We are currently using the ballerina bag for piano books but it works great for church, dance or whatever suits your fancy.

I am in the process of making a farming quiet book for my boys..I started before we moved and am now just getting back to it but it is turning out sooo cute. More pics coming soon!

If you're interested in making a ballerina bag for yourself  (once again) I used Ashley's tutorial for her ruffled tote here.

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