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Friday, July 12, 2013

Little Boy Work Coveralls

My little boy loves to go outside with his Dad and do what they like to call "Man Work" they water the plants, mow the lawn, change the oil etc.  The other day after they came back in from changing the oil out in the shop my little boy so sweetly asked if I could make him some coveralls like just like his Dad's.  Did I have any idea how to do this?...nope. Could I say no to his sweet little face?...big nope.  I looked on line and found some for way out of my price range, so I got to work and kinda learned as I went along.

dads are super heroes family father family quote dad fathers day daddy father quote dad quote fathersday
 Sometimes Super Heroes wear coveralls.

 "Hey mom I don't have time for pictures I'm off to do some man work!"
 But would ya look at that dang proud that it actually worked.
 Tutorial coming soon...

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