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Monday, July 8, 2013

Patriotic Ruffled Flag Tee Shirt

 It's a little bit late for a Fourth of July tee shirt tutorial but I figure you can where a patriotic shirt all year long so I am posting anyway.  I have been seeing some adorable flag shirts around and I love the idea of a homemade shirt...ok obviously I love the idea of homemade anything! 

 Look at all that ruffly goodness...ahhh.

She is happy with it and feels extra special that I made it just for her!
I made these shirts just before we headed off for our family reunion camping trip for a few days and right before our friends came to stay the night with us so I was making shirts and cleaning my house and packing so it could be a little bit scatter brained...sorry!

First off we had a shirt from last year from Wal know the ones with the year right underneath the flag so everyone knows how old it is..I don't know why they do that?  Anyway I made a heart template out of paper and placed it on my shirt then traced around the template with disappearing marker.

  Cut out your shape, you now have a really weird shirt.

 I had a bit of Pelon laying around, it is a stiff backing fabric you can use for all kinds of projects.  You can find it at most fabric stores.  Trace around your template on to the Pelon but make it about a 1/4" inch bigger than before.

I have been saving up old tee shirts for a while now and was excited to put them to use finally...I was beginning to look like a tee shirt hoarder.  Cut out one inch strips of red white and blue tee shirt fabric and gather, I have a tutorial for this here.

Now lay your gathered pieces across your heart shaped Pelon and pin them down.  Sew them down to the Pelon with matching thread.

Ok this is where I forgot to take a picture luckily Ashley from had a similar project.  Pin your ruffle covered pelon to the back of the tee shirt now carefully sew around the edge...I went around twice for good measure.

That's it...enjoy your new ruffled flag shirt!

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