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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cookie Sheet Chore Chart

 We are on Harvest Break and the weather hasn't been feels like winter.  So we needed a little project to keep us busy.

  A while back I made this Ice Cream Cone Chore Chart for my little girl and a Bubble Gum Chore Chart for my little boy, Ellie was feeling a little left out so we decided to make one during break, she came up with the cookie sheet idea and we went from there.

 It started out pink which I really liked but the spray paint I used just chipped right off ughh so after about three attempts to make the pink paint work we gave up and scraped it all off and decided grey isn't that bad.
If anyone knows how to paint metal without it chipping off, I'm all ears!

We mod podged scrapbook paper for the background and brushed on a thin layer as a protective coating.

A few decorative magnets just for fun.

We printed the chores onto regular printer paper, cut them to fit and mod podged them onto the tiles.

Hot glue magnets onto back

 To add the ribbon make holes with hammer and nail.

This would be great for a Super Saturday project or craft to do with kids, especially if you skip the painting part.

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