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Friday, September 6, 2013

Easy Wreath Tutorial

 I might be slightly obsessed with pic monkey know the free photo editing's the greatest..they have birds, twigs, flowers and anything you could ever want to put on or around a photo.

 Once again I love pic monkey...making collages is super fun.

 I have been looking everywhere for these flowers and haven't been able to find them for cheap enough until Walmart finally got them..they were only two bucks a sprig and they are quite long.  I cut them into thirds for my wreath and only had to buy three sprigs.

If you hadn't noticed I am super cheap/frugal/poor sooo I use cardboard a lot...cause it's free.  I just cut my wreath form out of the can make any size you like.

 I cut a bunch of twigs from our yard about a foot and half long and glued them down and some spriggy things I found at the dollar store.

You might want to place them on how you like before gluing down, just to get them evenly distributed.

I used hot glue and I wondered how strong it would be...I had my original twig wreath for three years and it held up just fine. (inside the house)

You can add blossoms for spring  leaves and gourds for fall like I did a few years back...this one was also made out of twigs from the yard and dollar store gourds and leaves.

Total cost for these wreaths is about 6.00 to 10.00 bucks depending on how cheap you can find your add ins.


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