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Monday, August 26, 2013

Quiet Book

 This is a blast from the past quiet book I made for my oldest about seven years ago and we have loved it! They are quite time consuming but definitely worth the effort.

 Braiding the lion's tail page

 Gathering sheep, I found this sweet coloring page in our church's library and traced it, the sheep snap on and off.

 Moses in the bull rushes

 Of course I had to make the baby removable, my kid's love this page.

 Jonah and the whale

 Don't forget to say your prayers, this is another coloring page from our library.

Paying tithing page.

 Noah's ark

 I found these animals at a little shop on my way must have been meant to be cause the little town I found these in consists of a gas station, fabric store and salon and that's about it...they just happened to have these in the salon...weird huh?

  This page was fashioned after a quiet book I played with growing up.

Same with this page...I can remember poking my little fingers in to make a beak.

 Moroni and the Gold Plates

Button flowers on me and see how pretty it will be.

I used a medium weight pelon for my quiet book pages and a heavier weight for the cover, you can find pelon at most fabric stores.  I traced my pages with a sharpie and used acryllic paint mixed with fabric medium to color them.  For the pages I sewed around three edges leaving the bottom open and trimmed with pinking shears.

I am planning on making a new farming quiet book for my boys, so I will make a more thorough tutorial with that one when I get it finished.

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