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Thursday, September 13, 2012

ABC Blocks

We recently cleaned out our extra bedroom and turned it into a room for our little two year old, we got it all cleaned out and put his bed and toys in there but it was a little boring so I used some of the left over blocks from another project and turned them into ABC blocks just to make it a little more fun.

Putting up the big boy bed

We also added some of these planes we made a while back.
He really enjoys playing in his room, now if I could just get him excited about sleeping in it!
To make the abc blocks you will need: blocks(mine are 3" squares) rounded and sanded, vinyl lettering or stencils, scrap book paper, toll paint, mod podge glue.  I picked out my paper first and then matched my paint to it, I then painted the blocks with two or three coats.  Mod podge scrap book paper on and let dry then add a layer or two to the top to give it a nice finish.  Add vinyl lettering or you could stencil on some letters if you don't have vinyl.

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