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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Simple Easter Decor.

Did you know Easter is right around the corner?  I really thought I was getting a jump on things until my Mom mentioned that Easter is in March this year...WhAt!!  Has this ever happened before?  Not that I can my opinion Easter is meant for April but I suppose I will get over it.

 So I thought I would share my fun new Easter sign that I'm in love with...pastels are my absolute favorite.  Sadly I did not make it this time...sometimes when things are cheap enough I figure it's not worth my time. 
It was only 5.99 at Walgreens.

But you could make one easily enough out of wood (if you have the right saw), cardboard, card stock...and then just paint it up and add some glitter letters.

If you are in need of some super cheap and cute Easter decor check out my post from last year on how to make an Easter Egg Tree

My kids have just a titch of spring fever...can you tell?  I love all the melting snow around them, I found them all out on our mini trampoline just soaking up the rays!  And when I say mini trampoline I mean the workout type trampoline.

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