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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Topiary

I was asked to make a centerpiece of some kind for our Church's Relief Society Birthday dinner.  They needed to be cheap, easy and in my opinion colorful and springy so after some brainstorming I came up with these little lovelies.

You can line them all up

Or bunch them up in the center

Or they look cute all by themselves.

Scalloped edge pot with tissue paper bow and stuffing.

Cut your tissue paper into a rectangle these were semi small so mine were about 10" by 13".

 About 6 to 8 sheets.

Now make 1" to 1 1/2" accordion folds.

Secure in the middle with wire or string but not to tight or it won't fluff up like you want.

Trim each end...I did both rounded and pointy and they both look cute, if you want them to look more flowery I would go with rounded.

 Now fan it out and separate all your pieces until it looks nice and full and flowery...gotta love the pink sparkly one it was my personal fav.

Now for the pots...I used some super cheap foam cups and filled them with gravel and put my sticks and leftover curtain rods in, they were already white.  If you don't have gobs of junk scraps laying around like I do in my garage you could by dowels and paint them white.

 I covered my cups with textured card stock and scalloped the upper edge.  I laid the foam cup on my card stock and traced the top and bottom as I rolled the cup this will give you the perfect size sleeve to slip over your cups and you could make them any color or design you want this way.

Covered cups

 I used hot glue to attach the pom pom to the sticks and they held up great. 

 If you want add a matching bow...strip of tissue paper and some left over green tissue paper cut into squares and stuffed in.
That's it a colorful center piece for around a dollar!

I have ten of these puppies so afterwards I think we will hang some of the pom poms from my girls ceiling.

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