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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Puzzle Piece Wreath Ornament

This is one of my favorite ornaments for little kids to make...they are easy and fun. We made ours about five years ago and it has held up really well.

We have been busy around here with all the fun that Christmas time brings we visited Santa at our local storytime.  I was pleasantly surprised by my kids...they actually sat on his lap and talked to him
and everything.

I think this friendly little guy showed them how to do it... he wasn't scared a bit.
 My traditional picture of the kids in front of the Christmas tree went really well
3 smiles + 0 tears = success!

Watching this little guy discover everything is the best.
If your'e interested in making an ornament click on read more.

Supplies Needed
green puzzle pieces 
juice lids/ canning lids
red ribbon
red marker or puff paint
Cut out picture to fit on juice lid and glue on.  Attach a ribbon loop to the back of the lid with glue.  Glue puzzle pieces around the edge and decorated however you like.  I added a ribbon and puff paint berries.

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