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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ruffled Burlap Stockings

I have been seeing burlap everywhere and I could resist no longer. Some of the stockings I have been seeing are so dang cute and burlap is really cheap so I thought I would give it a go...
I really love the way it turned out, now I just need to make five more, or maybe I'll just stuff one stocking for all six of us.
If you're interested in making one for yourself click on read more.

Draw up your basic stocking pattern.. or print one off... or trace one that you already have.  Pin pattern onto burlap and cut out.  Sew right sides together, turn and press.  Cut about two yards of off white cotton fabric into a  2" strip. Fold in half right sides together and sew,  turn right side out and press.
Cut a rectangle of cotton twice the width of the top of your stocking mine was about 14" and twice as long as you want your cuff to be at the top of the stocking mine was about 10"
Sew ruffles onto the top half of the stocking three in a row.  I just gathered mine as I a went along, pushing the fabric up as I sewed.
You should have something similar to this.  I did run out of ruffle, but it's hidden away in the worries.
Now fold your ruffly rectangle in half
 Sew up the side
Turn right side out
 Now all you have to do is attach the ruffly cuff to the top of the stocking

For some reason I really struggled with this one...I had to think about it for an embarassing amount of time, so I made sure to take a picture for future reference.  

The stocking is turned right side out and the ruffly cuff is stuffed inside with the ruffle next to the burlap.  You should have three raw edges at the top of the stocking line them all up and pin.

Don't forget your loop to hang up the stocking with..this will need to be sandwiched in between the ruffly cuff and the burlap on the back seam. Raw edges at the top.  Now that it's all pinned sew around the top and your done, turn your cuff out and you're all finished.
Enjoy your new stocking, just maybe not the smell of your new stocking...I had no idea burlap really smells pretty bad. 

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