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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Advent Muffin Tin

Wow it's been a while, I even had trouble logging into blogger it's been so long.  So we have been super busy with planning our Super Saturday(our church's craft day/luncheon).  We are doing Christmas Advent Muffin Tins, I didn't make this one but was in charge of taking orders and figuring out how much it would cost.  I also found some that I thought were really cute, the idea is to put a piece of candy or Christmas activity on a slip of paper inside each pot.

Circles with cute bottle caps inside each pot so you can take one out each day, makes it a little more visual.

Double Bow

Completely Covered

Christmas is my favorite time of year(summer being a close second) we started listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween.(the music is one of my favorite things about Christmas so why not)

Sooo if you're in the Christmas spirit and are interested in making a countdown I just happen to know exactly how much it will cost.

Magnets by the sheet-Porters $3.99
(if you have 6 people that want to make these you can buy a big roll and bring it down to about $2.00)

Muffin tin-Walmart $5.00

Embellishments $2.00
(you can use glitter glue to give it a little sparkle and if you have a fancy paper cutting machine you could cut out your numbers and embellishments that way)

Scrapbook Paper-$2.00

Regular gluesticks work just fine for this project, so that's right around $12.00 or if you already have a muffin tin and spare magnets on your fridge it could be really cheap.
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