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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Airplane Hanger for Artwork

We are currently trying to wean my little boy off of his binky/ say the least it is painful for everyone involved, this morning especially.  As he was crying and crying I was doing my best to distract him (which I thought I was the master at) well nothing seemed to do the trick...I had to turn to my last resort painting or play dough!!  I've had this little project in mind for a while but didn't think to involve the kids... turns out they were great help and loved making it.

The planes are made out of popcicle sticks, foam, clothespins and hot glue.  My little boy likes taking the planes down and playing with them... so even if you're not interested in making a hanger the planes are fun just as toys.

A little bit of rick rack and some foam propellers and you are ready to display your kids artwork some where other than the fridge, which tends to get a little cluttery looking in my opinion.  My kids feel proud to display their artwork here and like hanging it up themselves when they are done.

Enjoy your summer and if your're feelin brave take the kids outside and make some airplanes it's a great time and what better place to make a mess than out on the lawn...easy clean up.
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