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Friday, June 8, 2012

ABC's in a can

In between diaper changes and feedings I managed to make this fun little project for my preschooler, she knows some of her letters but needed something to get her excited about learning the rest....
so we came up with this, they are like flash cards but alot more fun.

My toddler has enjoyed playing with this as much or maybe even more than his sister and I think he's accidently learning some letters as he plays! 

If your interested in making your own click on read more

 What you'll need:

Can of some sort with a lid
Juice lids or used canning lids
Decorations for can(scrapbook paper, stickers, ribbon...)
Glue (I used decoupage or you could use elmers)
Hot Glue Gun (if you're putting on any ribbon)
X acto knife

So after you've rounded up a can of some sort you're ready to decorate

I used two different kinds of scrapbook paper and some ribbon

 and glued them on

  Then you're ready for some lids

 I typed mine up 9 to a page on word in century gothic font and cut them out.  Then glue them on to your lids, and put a layer of decoupage on top to make them last longer.

 Mark where you want your hole and cut

 That's it...You're ready to learn some letters

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